systron proHD
Vertical Glass Processing
with integrated waterjet technology
systron proHD Glasbearbeitungsanlage mit integriertem Wasserstrahl


Our proHD glass processing centre with integrated waterjet technology is the most flexible all-in-one solution with the smallest footprint on the market.

A huge variety of applications:

  • Seaming, milling, sinking, grinding and polishing outer and inner contours
  • Drilled holes and cutouts using our patented waterjet technology
  • Clamping once for all interior and exterior processing with minimal machining tolerances

The proHD is exactly the right choice for glass with complex shapes and cut-outs. The flexible system enables an efficient and particularly economical processing, especially for difficult processes and batch sizes of 1.

systron sets new standards in CNC glass processing

  • One time clamping for all interior and exterior machining
  • Minimal machining tolerances, max. +/- 0.2 mm on the entire product size
  • Maximum flexibility regarding contours and special shapes
  • No set-up times between different glass thicknesses and types
  • Very rigid, vibration-free construction allows highest processing quality also at oblique edges or radii

The most difficult tasks can be easily mastered

Up to 4000 bar pressure water jet allows extremely fast cutting of all inner- and outer contours with even complex geometries with highest precision.

All kinds of processing with one machine – with highest precision!

The waterjet technology enables shortest cycle times. High quality waterjet cut contours can be toughened without post-processing. A reduction of production time up to 50% is possible.


  • Constant polishing quality by precisely controlled polishing pressure
  • Vibration-free machining prevents chipping
  • Arris parallelism guaranteed by patented water-cushion guidance
  • High pressure tool cooling over the entire tool circumference
  • Automatic positioning of the glass sheets, also for special shapes
  • Low maintenance costs of the high pressure unit by new / patented systems
  • Continuously protected suction cups
  • No mechanical contact at machining coated glass surfaces
  • Intuitive graphical machine interface enables easy operation of the system
The All-In-One
Processing Centre
for highest quality demands


systron proHD

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