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systronTOOLS pro/proHD

Special developed systron tools increase the efficiency and the ROI of the systron pro and systron proHD systems to a new level. A new tool concept was designed addressing the increasing demands on quality and shorter cycle times. With our systronTOOLS, the enormous performance potential of our pro- and proHD glass processing centres is further optimized. Bond systems specially tailored to the high abrasion and feed rates guarantee magnificent values of up to 15 m / min feed rate.

Both diamond cut and polish with our systronONE tools meet the highest demands. The systronTOOLS are available for glass thicknesses from 3 to 19mm float glass and for laminated safety glass from 6 to 24mm, special tools are individually specified together with our specialists and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Made for Performance

  • Float feed speeds up to 15 m/min
  • Laminated feed speeds up to 12 m/min
  • Highest lifetime thanks to optimised layer design and newly developed specifications

MAXIMUM FEED RATES and highest surface and edge quality

  • Optimal grinding surface quality thanks to specially developed grit sizes and bond systems
  • Ideal polishing surface quality thanks to optimized material composition
  • systronONE polishing wheels with feed rates up to 7 m/min at highest polish quality
  • Suitable for 4 to 19 mm float glass and 6 to 24 mm laminated glass
100% capacity
and best utilization
with our optimized tools


systronTOOLS pro/pro HD

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