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systronTOOLS Werkzeuge esX Kantensäumanlage


systronTOOLS diamond grinding tools are the optimal solution for arrising and grinding for your systron esX glass processing machine.

The cycle time is one of the major cost factors can be significantly reduced with feed rates of up to 25m / min for seaming and 15m / min for grinding, increasing the output accordingly.

FLEXIBLE SETUP at highest arris and edge quality

The tool holder offers space for tool packages up to 58mm, which can be selected from a wide range:

  • Tools for float glass
  • Laminated safety glass tools
  • Trapezoidal edge / FA Tools
  • Pencil edge / PE Tools
  • etc.

This allows arrising and grinding of glass thicknesses from 3 to 25mm.


  • Highest feed speeds:
    up to 25 m/min on seams and arrises
    up to 17 m/min when grinding
  • Longest lifetime thanks to optimized layer design and newly developed specifications combined with diamond layers up to 7 mm
  • Available as trapezoidal, PE or V-shaped wheels
  • A tool package with 4 diamond wheels for all glass thicknesses from 4 to 19 mm
  • Optimized lifetime thanks to repeated reprofilings
  • Float glass from 4 to 19 mm and laminated glass from 6 to 20 mm
Maximum output
& highest lifetime
thanks to our optimized tools


systronTOOLS esX

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