Edge processing system with cup wheels
systron LOOP


The systron LOOP vertical edging system was specially developed for the requirements of the glass industry. The glass passes through four rounds on the straight-line edger by automatically rotating 90° each pass. Grinding and polishing are carried out with 11 spindles with cup wheels. Even large and heavy special shapes can be processed very efficiently using very little floor space with the systron LOOP.
In order to be able to manufacture dimensionally accurate and angularly precise products with internal machining, the combination with the systron proHD glass processing centre is recommended. The two systems can also be operated independently of each other.

systron introduces new standards

  • Premium straight line edging machine with 11 spindles
  • Servo-controlled spindle feed & polishing pressure control
  • Corner dubbing by a circumferential tool
  • Integrated bottom edge washing machine

Digital Twin: From Reality To Virtuality

The intuitive machine software is clearly displayed on a multi-touch panel. A new operating concept allows fast and accurate axis positioning in manual mode.

An exact reflection by means of a digital twin with the real time view on the operator terminal enables easy operation and overview.

LOOP Highlights

  • Machining of straight special shapes with cup wheel polishing
  • No set-up times for different glass dimensions
  • Simple and reliable transport system
  • High polishing quality due to constant, servo-controlled polishing pressure
  • Easy to adapt to the available space thanks to the modular design
  • Flexible and strong turning unit for large and heavy special shapes
LOOP proHD Combo
true to size & angle
with brilliant cup wheel polish
systron-LOOP-proHD-Combo, CNC Glass Processing plus Edge Processing with Cup Wheels, Straight line edger, single Edger

LOOP proHD Combo Highlights

  • Cup Wheels – Grind & Polish
  • Pre-grinding true to size and internal machining of any kind
  • Very short cycle times with small batch sizes
  • High dimensional and angular accuracy, even with straight special shapes
  • Vertical, space-saving design
  • Possibility of machining complex CNC glass with proHD (bypass)

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