Automated Storage Solution
systron Automatische Glasspeicher Lösung

Automated Storage Solution

The automated glass storage solution is the ideal option for customers who use racks from any manufacturer as an internal means of transporting glasses.

This solution offers the machine operator an optimal time management. The load of the inline glass storage is processed fully automatically and then buffered in the storage on the outlet side. Due to a significant reduction in work steps, a second machine can be operated in face-to-face mode.


  • Optimal operating process without downtime due to handling, breaks or shift changes
  • Up to 4 hours of production without a machine operator
  • Capacity increase by ~ 20%
  • Increase in quality by minimizing handling

All systron machines can be supplied and retrofitted with the automated storage solution.


  • Optionally 20 or 30 slots
  • Special transport system, glasses are not lifted
  • Direction of passage: right – left, left – right
  • Maximum sheet thickness for the storage spaces: 12 mm
  • Maximum sheet dimensions for the storage spaces: 3000 x 2000 mm
  • Minimum sheet dimensions: 600 x 160 mm
  • Maximum sheet thickness with front transport: 19 mm
  • Maximum sheet size for front transport depends on the size of the systron machine

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Plausibility Check

In the continuous process, the dimensions of panes are checked for validity at certain points with a linear measurement axis.

The pane dimensions are determined selectively and compared with a stored DXF file – for rectangles as well as for special shapes.

If there is a discrepancy, the further transport of the pane is stopped and a message is displayed.

Automatic Removal of the Cutouts

Cutouts with snap tabs are removed with the help of vacuum suction cups on a Kuka robot and stored in a definable position.

  • Minimum size of cutouts: 100mm x 150mm
  • Maximum size of cutouts: 1000mm x 1500mm
  • Maximum manipulation weight: 40 kg / cutout

Inspection Zone

Control section for optical inspection of the processed glass pane.

  • Variable conveyor speed up to 30m / min
  • Software implementation of the transport tables and the subsequent systems enables the panes to be transported automatically
  • Indirect LED lighting behind the glass pane enables work-friendly and fatigue-free visual quality control
  • Light intensity and color can be adjusted individually

Additional Operator Terminal

The additional operator terminal is placed at the inlet- or outlet-side. It is an exact mirroring of the respective main system operator terminal and increases the profitability of the machine, since working distances are shortened and operation is simplified.

Order management, tool parameters, system parameters, etc. can be viewed and adjusted if necessary. Safety-relevant functions such as acknowledging a safety area, manual mode and start of an automatic mode are only possible from the main terminal.

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