Focus On Unmanned Production

systron impresses with tailor-made automation solutions for ghost shifts

Leading companies such as Glas Gasperlmair, the Flachglas group, Interpane, Trösch, Semcoglas or Thiele rely on the progressive manufacturer of vertical glass processing centres and solutions.

Especially in the vertical processing sector, the Austrian company can convince with their innovations. Horizontal systems have been on the market for a long time but are increasingly being replaced by vertical machines. Space saving and a far more ergonomic, simpler, and faster loading and unloading are significant advantages of vertical systems. Also environmental aspects such as reducing emissions and saving energy play a decisive role. High reliability as well as low & easy maintenance are the focus in development of systron glass processing centres. These machines protect themselves. Water, glass dust, cutting sand or laminating foils reduce the service life of many technical parts. systron’s 3-chamber system protects sensors, various energy chains, guiding rails, control units as well as the tool changer as they are housed in one of the two dry zones.

Line Integration

systron glass processing machines can be integrated into fully automatic production lines. In addition, they can operate stand-alone as individual machines or as double tower solution. The face-to-face solution is a particularly efficient setup. Two systron machines are positioned opposite each other and managed by just one operator. Enormous advantages such as reliability, reduced labour cost, investment splitting and higher output are the result.

systron Software & Industry 4.0

systron systems are based on software developed in-house, which is specially designed to ensure simple and safe operation. The intuitive visualization of the user interface and the integrated state of the art statistics of the production data guarantee simple operation and efficient production management. Established systems such as Beckhoff in combination with Visual Studio are used. systron already offers standardized interfaces for common software providers such as A&W, Lisec, Fenetech or Hanic. The connection to various digitization solutions is very easy with systron machines. Open communication on control level as well as in cloud computing is made possible by means of standardized protocols such as OPC UA / TSN and MQTT.

One-Stop Solutions

Ensuring unattended production for several hours is an increasingly important requirement for glass processors. The materials management and logistics around the machining centre are therefore becoming more and more essential. Automation solution with L-racks, harp rack automation, automated in-line storage or automated robot loading increase production by 20-30% whilst increasing quality by minimizing handling. For example, systron customers with a 2-shift operation can run the third shift unmanned and achieve top utilization and thus a great competitive advantage. systron has also achieved a unique position in terms of tools. Thanks to the patented water cushion and the massive, vibration-free machine structure, high performance processing tools that are tailored to the ‘SYSTEM SYSTRON’ can be used. To exploit the full performance potential of the machine, systronTOOLS were developed accordingly. They enable feed rates of 10m / min and more, for example for 8mm glass when grinding with diamond tools and 5m / min when polishing.

Increasing Demand for Use of Robots

The use of robots in the flat glass industry is becoming more and more important in order to achieve the necessary degree of automation and to remain competitive. Due to rising labour costs, the lack of operators and the low manufacturing tolerances, more and more systron customers are investing in automation solutions with robots. systron usually relies on KUKA robots, as they can be integrated without any interface thanks to the identical control technology.

Outlook & Further Development

“We considers the further market development in the flat glass industry particularly positive. Especially the demand for tempered glass, laminated glass as well as special shapes, thicknesses and sizes continues to grow and thus the need for high-quality processing lines. Cost of energy will continue to rise, so the focus must be on energy-saving, highly efficient systems to keep the emissions per final product as low as possible.

The systron credo is: Greatest possible flexibility and output on the smallest possible production space.

We would like to establish ourselves as the first point of contact for vertical glass processing machines throughout Europe and expand our potential customer spectrum with further new developments. Always with the focus on all-in-one machines for the smallest installation area”, says managing director Franz Schachner.

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