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systron was founded in 2014 by two innovative young entrepreneurs, Franz Schachner and Reinhard Gruber from Wolfsbach (Austria). They set themselves the goal of providing the best vertical CNC glass processing machines for the flat glass industry. Individually adapted solutions and total customer orientation was the key strategy. Due to their extraordinary knowledge in vertical CNC processing machines and a highly dedicated team, they were able to build the first machine and successfully implement it at the first customer in 2015. Since then, systron has followed the typical development path of any business: from a start-up and garage company to a modern company, capable to compete with the best companies in the vertical glass processing machines sector.


What is systron’s philosophy, the company’s mission?

For us, the customer is in the centre of all processes in our company – starting with the designing and development of every machine and ending with after sales service. All processes and efforts are designed to make operation and maintenance as easy as possible for the customer. And this is only possible thanks to the high quality and outstanding performance of systron machines and allows us to increase the circle of satisfied customers.

Please describe the systron product portfolio.

We are able to create and produce machineries as one-stop shop for the flat glass sector, such as:

Our wide range of solutions ensure full automation of production processes, such as handling, transportation, storage systems and many others. Moreover, we place great emphasis on the development and implementation of a production-oriented and tailor-made software system, which is a crucial element of our systems.

What was the biggest challenge systron faced so far?

I think like for every start up the biggest challenges were to reach the acceptance for a young company on the market and to form the right team behind the name systron. The company now includes over 50 excellently trained employees, integrated in one great, customer-oriented and multifarious team. In 2017 we built a great company headquarters in the heart of Lower Austria with three large production and storage halls and a two-story office building.

To which market segment does systron address its product portfolio?

Initially, we focused on large companies. But the past has shown us that even small businesses benefit from the quality and flexibility of our systems. Combining as many processes as possible in one vertical machine increases quality and flexibility and at the same time significantly reduces space requirements. Currently, our machines are used by our customers in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and of course Austria. And our expansion continues steadily.

What is the difference to other competitors in the glass machinery market?

systron glass processing machines are designed by very experienced engineers to serve the needs of the most demanding customers in the vertical glass processing sector. As we always say at systron: what must be done is to ensure that the machine is protected from itself – water, glass-dust and abrasive sand must be kept away from the technical parts of the machinery to ensure its long-lasting and defect-free running. That concept is and will remain the main characteristics of all our machines.

systron glassprocessing machines stand for:

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Precision
  • High output

Our products are fully corresponding to what is associated with the worldwide known concept MADE IN AUSTRIA.

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