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systron HD
systron HD Glas Schneideanlage mit Wasserstrahl

Glass Processing with Waterjet | systron HD

Our systron HD is a vertical glass processing machine, for cutouts and interior contours, with integrated high-pressure water jet technology.

Precision & speed for internal machining:

  • Holes and cutouts using patented high pressure technology
  • Bilateral counter-sinking using Helix method
  • No limitation on contours and special shapes
  • Suitable for use as Stand-Alone Machine or Two-Tower Solution

systron sets new standards in CNC glass processing

  • The waterjet cut-outs are ready for tempering without post processing
  • Reduction of production time up to 50%
  • No limitation on contours and special shapes
  • Waterjet up to 4000 bar
  • Very rigid, vibration-free construction allows highest processing quality also at oblique edges of radii

Patented waterjet cutting technology

Up to 4000 bar pressure water jet allows extreme fast cutting of all inner- and outer contours with even complex geometries with highest precision.


Highest precision & short cycle times

The waterjet technology enables shortest cycle times. High quality waterjet cut contours can be toughened without post-processing. A reduction of production time up to 50% is possible.


  • A shared transport system ensures a continuous production flow.
  • Throughput is maximised by minimal machine idle times.
  • Our patented process fixes the glass without any mechanical contact and optimally cooles the tool at its full circumference.
  • Front and rear heavy-duty spindles for precise internal machining
  • The counter-sinking of large cutouts is done by helix method without time-consuming tool changes
  • Tiltable suction cups – only the required ones are tilted out of the protected area
  • Intuitive graphical machine interface enables easy operation of the system
Cutting with patented
waterjet technology
for enormous versatility

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