World’s Leader Saint-Gobain Chose a systron Seaming Machine

The Saint-Gobain Group has already almost 30 years of history in Poland and belongs to the biggest foreign investors. As for today The Group is represented in our country by 25 production plants with more than 7000 employees and turnover over 1 billion euro. Apart Saint-Gobain the other brands represented by us are, among others, Isover, Rigips, Weber, Swisspacer and Glassolutions – under this brand the company is producing and processing glass in 7 locations in Poland (Lubartow, Szczecin, Barczewo, Poznan, Namyslow, Pruszkow and Jaroszowiec).

High speed seaming and grinding

Since May 2021 the Saint-Gobain Glassolutions factory in Jaroszowiec has been working with the systron Seaming and Grinding Machine 3525es1. The systron esX line is a vertical glass seaming and grinding machine which follows the glass edge by a soft touch guidance system. Due to the rigid machine design, machining of contours, inside and outside radii can be performed with shortest cycle times. Several patented systems are assuring the highest edge quality. “We process in our factory approximately 1.5 Mio m2 of glass annually”, says Mr. Mateusz Łogiewa, Maintenance Manager at Saint-Gobain Polska Sp. z.o.o. – Glassolutions. “We specialize in building glass, double and triple glazing units, float as well as tempered glass. We produce and process glass especially for windows and balustrades. Of course, this type of glass requires tempering” Mr. Łogiewa adds. “That is why we placed the systron es1 machine in the line in front of temper furnace.”

Why choosing systron

We asked Mr. Andrzej Janik, the plant director, what factors were decisive for choosing the systron installation. “Saint-Gobain in 2021 has been named 10th consecutive year as one of the world’s 100 most innovative companies in the world. And it was precisely this message that guided our investment process,” Mr. Janik explains.

“We were looking for an innovative solution and such we found in this systron machine. Moreover we have been guided by many other aspects, like the machine output, performance precision, the simplicity of the system and the very comfortable and intuitive operating system of the machine” Mr. Łogiewa is adding.

Finally the company management approved and systron’s solution was taken into account thanks to the excellent TCO factor and quality.

Experience after 6 months

We have asked the users in the production hall about the experience using the es1 machine. “The glass that is processed with our new systron es1 goes on to the temper furnace” explains Mr. Jakub Morawiec, National Automation Manager. The machine is in operation 20 hours a day, 5 days a week, mainly for seaming.

“The assured machine availability of 97.5% is totally realistic, as we didn’t have any unexpected downtimes or any other problems so far” adds Mr. Łogiewa.

The first summary of machine performance and cooperation with the supplier after half a year is definitely positive.  “The machine performs its tasks flawlessly, in accordance with the technical specification. It meets our expectations and is very user friendly” states director Janik and completes his opinion. “Of course we will further analyse the performance, functionality and suitability of the machine, especially as we are supposed to give the recommendation for other glass processing units of Saint-Gobain in Poland, and also in Europe.”

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