Glaseksperten: 40% increase in output thanks to robot loading

Glaseksperten A/S is a Danish manufacturer of glass for residential, commercial, and public buildings with headquarters and 20,000 m2 production located in Hjørring, Denmark. The company has 180 employees and has more than 30 years of experience in supplying glass in both Denmark and the export markets. They process around 17,000 tons of glass each year and mainly supply wholesalers, craft businesses and IGU industries. Glaseksperten offers flexible and fast delivery of quality glass with one of the industry’s widest ranges, as glass for indoor and outdoor applications, including solutions in print on glass, sound, fire and safety glass.

10,000 glass panes for Velux per week

The machinery park of Glaseksperten consists of multiple CNC machines, double and single edgers, 3 tempering lines, 2 IGU lines, 2 seaming lines and 4 jumbo size cutting tables. To handle the extended needs of safety glass, it was essential for Glaseksperten to get a reliable and strong arrising machine – the systron esX glass edge seaming and grinding machine. They deliver around 8-10,000 pieces of 4 mm tempered glass for Velux each week. Therefor the main application area of systron’s high-speed seamer is arrising of 4 mm glass (and 3 mm in the future) before tempering for IG units. The machine is running in 2 shifts from Monday to Thursday and 24 hours from Friday to Sunday.

Decisive factors for systron's glass seaming machine

Jacob Arend Østergaard is Technical Project Manager at Glaseksperten with a focus on energy optimization, time recordings and capacity utilization. He says about the decision to invest in a systron seaming machine:

“systron’s good reputation and how the machine has been designed played a major role in our decision. The machine is simple and effective with a dry and wet zone for the processing spindle. We like the drain for the processing water and the moveable parts are in the top area and away from the wet zone. That shows it’s a very sophisticated machine.”

Impressions after 6 months

“It is a really good and strong machine. Easy to operate and with great quality on the final product,” says Østergaard and adds: “We are very satisfied with the after sales service as well. We get fast response and the online/remote support is working great. We installed a webcam at the machine which has made the troubleshooting much easier.”

Loading with and without a robot – the Glaseksperts have a direct comparison

Glaseksperten upgraded their es1 glass seamer with an automated robot loading solution after a couple of months. Jacob Østergaard explains: “The monotonous and heavy loading work is stressful for the operator and with the high quantities of up to 10,000 pieces of seamed glasses per week, a robotic solution was indispensable. Operator safety is also increased by light curtains and laser scanners.” Thanks to robot loading, the Danish specialists can process an average of 180 pieces of 1x1m in 4mm thickness in one hour, which is 1 seamed glass every 20 seconds.“ Compared to loading without a robot, we were able to increase our output by 40% thanks to automation. We will achieve our return on investment within a year,” is Østergaard satisfied with the results.

Next systron in pipeline

In 2023 Glaseksperten will get a systron glassprocessing centre 5027proHD with a 30 slot glass storage solution.

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