CNC 3525pro installed at Vetrotech Poland

Another installation of systron machines at Saint-Gobain – Vetrotech is now processing its glasses with the systron 3525pro 

Saint-Gobain – an innovative manufacturer of sustainable solutions for the construction market – has once again selected systron GmbH of Austria as a machine supplier for its production facility. This time the CNC edge processing centre systron 3525pro was installed in Namyslow, at Saint-Gobain’s Vetrotech Polska production facility.

Vetrotech’s activities in Poland date back to the 1980s, and the company has production facilities located in various parts of the world. Vetrotech is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of innovative glass solutions, having launched its production plant in Namyslow in 2008. With the help of an accredited fire testing laboratory, it specializes in fireproofing and protection glass products for the construction and marine sectors, among others. The company provides multifunctional products that not only guarantee safety, but also provide comfort and aesthetic design options to fully integrate materials into construction projects.

Vetrotech changes safety standards in the construction industry

In March 2019, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain inaugurated a new production line at its Namyslow plant, fully dedicated to the production of Contraflam® fire-resistant glass, which features fire resistance in E/EW and EI classes from 30 to 120 minutes. This strategic move was an expression of the company’s commitment to growth in the Polish market and a response to the growing demand for reliable, durable and sustainable fire safety solutions. The glazing incorporates a unique, intumescent gel layer that acts as an effective thermal shield in the event of a fire.

The company is uncompromising in its pursuit of high-performance, fire-safe glass solutions, putting human safety first while ensuring maximum comfort for building occupants. Vetrotech is also committed to sustainable development and top-notch customer service. All of Vetrotech’s activities are focused on providing glass with the excellent quality, aesthetics and multifunctionality expected by architects and system manufacturers around the world.

Vetrotech Poland is not only a glass manufacturer, but also a partner that supports customers in the most demanding construction projects, providing not only safety and protection against fire, but also explosions, impacts from “flying” objects, high pressure and even hurricanes.

systron pro Kantenschleif- und polieranlage bei Vetrotech in Polen

Why choose a systron edge processing machine?

In the middle of last year, a systron 3525pro edge processing machine was set up in part of the hall in the production plant of Vetrotech in Namyslow.

The machine processes glass with maximum dimensions of 3.5 x 2.5 m, while the smallest size that can be processed is 600 x 160 mm.

“As for the thickness of the processed glass, it ranges from 3 to 25 mm, which meets our production needs,” says technologist manager from Vetrotech Polska with many years of experience. “An unquestionable noteworthy advantage is the efficiency of the machine, which fully meets our production needs for the moment. We use it for seaming, grinding and polishing glass,” explains project manager and WCM. “systron is an uncompromising supplier of machines, characterized by innovation and openness to customer needs.

Machines ‘made by systron’ are precise, efficient and very intuitive to use. In addition – which is a huge plus – systron’s service and technical support work really well.”

Asking the technologist manager from Vetrotech about his experience with the machine 6 months after installation, he explains: “Both installation and training went smoothly, this period allowed us to learn the full range of the machine’s capabilities. The 3525pro machine has been working for us for six months now and meets our expectations in terms of in terms of quality and production time.


What are the plans for 2024?

“As for Vetrotech Poland, an expansion of the Namyslow plant is planned for the first quarter of 2024,” explains Vetreotech project manager. The additional office space will serve as an administrative centre.

Miroslaw Kwiatkowski, country manager responsible for systron’s operations in Poland, adds: “Although systron machines have already been appreciated by companies from 17 countries: from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Estonia and, of course, Poland, and recently also from Italy and Turkey, we are always extremely pleased to see another installation in Poland, on one of the most important and, after all, largest glass markets in Europe. We are convinced that the intensification of processes related to the automation of production, the reduction of labor costs and the growing demands of the markets to improve quality and efficiency provide us with excellent opportunities for development.”

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